A hearty Welcome

NEWS  zum Teileinsturz vom Hammerschloss Röthenbach

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The Hotel zur gold`nen Krone enchants guests with its very own cozy and rustical Atmosphere. Thats your home, away from home.

The Hotel is located in the historical old town called Amberg. It can, as the only hotel in the inner city, look back to a long history and that since 1474.In our Kate`s Irish Pub you can enjoy an Irish or German beer, or you visit our Restaurant which attracts with Bavarian or Irish Food.

König Friedrich Suite Restaurant
Kate`s Irish Pub

Directly in front of our door, are many interesting sights to see. Like the Sankt Martins Basilika, the city museum, or you can take a leisurly walk in the Amberger city park. A great shopping opportunity is the Amberger city center, with its many shops and the beautiful winding streets. Or you can enjoy a relaxing wellness day in the Amberger Kurfürsten bath.

All our rooms are individually equipped, with a rustical Flair in a historical house. The owner Raymond Grassick, is a genuine Irishman from Dublin.

So our first rule is “There are no strangers here only friends who have never met”

We, the Grassick family and our team, will take any effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible, because all we want is to welcome you and make you  want to visit our hotel again.